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Back in 2009, in the midst of many domestic food safety scandals, Mr. Kao and his wife Ms. Wu were looking to start a shop selling a healthier alternative to the popular bubble tea beverages using only natural ingredients. After much research, studies, and sessions of trial-and-error, Jenjudan was finally conceived.


Inspired by the tasty and nutrients-rich indigenous Taiwanese brown sugar, Mr. and Mrs. Kao set out to creating the best recipe for top quality sugar crystals. After many months of sourcing, mixing and balancing with different kinds of sugars, the signature recipe eventually materialized. Tapioca pearls were brewed in the newly developed signature brown sugar recipe, lo and behold, the infamous “brown sugar pearls” with the perfect gumminess and well caramelized smoky brown sugar flavour was born! Drawing from the distinct characteristics and cooking process of these pearls, the name Jen (precious) Ju (stewed) Dan (pearls) had since become a household name for its healthy and highly praised beverages that rocked the Taiwanese bubble tea world.


In order to make their products truly natural and healthy, premium tea leaves were sourced and used to brew all the tea-based beverages. Fresh dairy milk replaced synthesized cream powder to further enhance the creaminess and natural sweetness. Combining the creamy fresh milk with its natural sweetness and al dente pearls stewed in house-made brown sugar syrup, the first and original Brown Sugar Pearl Milk quickly stole the hearts of many and became Jenjudan’s signature beverage since! It’s popularity and fame had since inspired many to copy, but none can replicate the original taste by Jenjudan.



  • Truedan's first brown sugar beverages were created


  • Truedan opened its first stall serving 9 types of drinks at the Shilin Night Market in Taipei


  • First permanent store opened in Taipei


  • Franchise stores began to bloom in Taiwan


  • In January, Jenjudan opened its centralized brown sugar factory in Shulin District, New Taipei City

  • 7 company-owned and 20 franchise stores in Taiwan


  • A total of 42 Jenjudan locations in Taiwan

  • Truedan overseas stores opened in Hong Kong, Macau, Seoul (Korea), Singapore, and Shibuya (Japan) in early 2019

  • Two stores opened in Vancouver downtown, British Columbia (Canada) in November 2019


  • 2022 BC opened in Richmond, Vancouver South, Vancouver East

  • 2022 AB opened in Calgary


  • 2022 BC opened in Metro Burnaby

  • 2022 AB opened in South Centre Mall


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