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Truedan: Bringing Warmth through Exquisite Bubble Tea

June 17, 20232 min read

Agnes Mao, the Canadian managing partner of Truedan, believes that bubble tea not only represents Taiwanese culinary culture but also emphasizes the warmth of human connection. According to Mao, "We definitely prioritize quality. The most important component of bubble tea, the pearls, must be freshly cooked and consumed within four hours to maintain their chewy texture. Truedan also focuses on conveying warmth to customers through their service."

Truedan Flagship Store

Truedan's flagship store is located in downtown Vancouver.

Truedan Bubble Tea

From left: TaiTai Fresh Milk Tea with Grass Jelly, Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk, Passion Fruit Double Delight (Passion Fruit Green Tea with Pearls and Coconut Jelly). Photo by 黃憶欣

Truedan Bubble Tea

Truedan's flagship store offers a Taiwanese-style lunch box with braised pork rice. Photo by 黃憶欣

Mao emphasizes that Truedan's core values are "service, quality, and attitude," which means providing the warmest service with a craftsman spirit, offering the most exceptional products, and cherishing every customer. But how has bubble tea evolved in Canada? Mao states that Vancouver customers prioritize freshness and health, so Truedan rarely uses traditional flavor powders or hand-shaking methods and opts for fresh milk instead of creamer. Additionally, they have reduced the use of food coloring, showing their concern for customer well-being. "For example, Thai milk tea, which is immensely popular here, used to have high levels of food coloring, but we have decreased its usage."

With the shift from hand-shaken to handcrafted drinks, bubble tea can now incorporate a variety of delightful toppings such as grass jelly, pudding, konjac jelly, coconut jelly, red beans, and even Oreo cookies. Mao mentions that during British Columbia's strawberry season, which starts in June, Truedan introduces limited-edition drinks like "Strawberry Fresh Milk Green Tea" and "Fluffy Strawberry Snow Ice," with proceeds going to the SDC Blue Ribbon Foundation for disabled children. Mao laughs and says, "Bubble tea is a momentary joy for children after school, and it is deeply intertwined with childhood memories."

By emphasizing quality, service, and innovation while catering to the health-conscious preferences of Vancouver customers, Truedan continues to leave a mark in the vibrant bubble tea scene. Their commitment to delivering a warm and exceptional experience sets them apart, making them a go-to destination for bubble tea enthusiasts seeking a delightful and heartwarming beverage.

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