Truedan Bubble Tea

Truedan Bubble Tea coming to Vancouver - Opening 5 stores in BC!

December 03, 20221 min read

“Truedan remains dedicated to turning our bubble into “Elixirs” - Truedan Taiwan

If you're looking for a trendy drink to try, black pearl bubble tea is the perfect choice. This tea is made with black tapioca pearls and has a sweet and creamy taste. It's perfect for enjoying on a hot day or when you need a quick pick-me-up.

Speaking of black pearl bubble tea (aka brown sugar), Truedan is the true master of craftmanship in this industry. Truedan remains dedicated to turning our bubble into “Elixirs”

Truedan Bubble Tea

Coming to Vancouver, Truedan opened 5 stores in 2019. 2 stores are on Robson street; one each on Kindsway, Granvile, and Richmond. There are several bubble tea shops around these locations, but Truedan is not afraid at all.

Truedan Bubble Tea

The store has elegant modern design with the traditional copper tripod and the medicine cabinet on the whole wall.

Truedan Canada

Truedan Canada

When you check out the menu, you will know why Truedan is the real brown sugar master of craftmanship. Any types of drinks with Black/Brown Sugar Pearls, Truedan has them.

Truedan's Black/Brown Sugar Pearls are always fresh and tasty because they make their new batch of pearls every 4 hours. Truedan uses organic milk from local market; thurs the taste is rich and mellow. If you're lactose intolerance, they also offer soy milk to replace the milk.

Truedan has several signature drinks and they have new ones every 3-4 months. Check out your nearest Truedan bubble tea shop and give it a try today!

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Truedan Drinks

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